Cindy McDaniel on 05 Oct, 2019

I heard you pass out T-shirts to those who smooch the moose. We plan on visiting October 19th.

Randolph @Sleders on 15 Oct, 2019

We sell T-Shirts that say “I smooched the moose!” 😊

Lisa Bough on 08 Aug, 2019

We are planning our 2020 trips and we will be coming home through Traverse City on July 15, 2020. Looking to see if we can get a tour and lunch. Will be a group of senior citizens between 30-55 travelers plus our driver and escort. I am thinking a choice of buffalo burger or lake perch basket, drink, tax and gratuity all on one check.
Is this something that is possible?

Thank you
Imperial Travel 765-447-9321

Randolph @Sleders on 19 Aug, 2019

Greetings! Thank you for thinking of Sleder’s for your group! We have very limited seating for large groups in July, so please call Sleder’s directly at 231-947-9213 to speak with the manager about it. For more info on menu options for group events, you might find our Parties and Catering page helpful. Thank you!

Melissa Smith on 19 Jun, 2019

Hello There Beth!

I was just responding to see if you’d still be interested in having someone come on our show for Monday, July 24th to cook up a Beyond Burger and maybe a side salad or side that would go with the burger like french fries or sweet potato fries? I am open to ideas too! 🙂 I just love the idea of chatting about the Beyond Burger to let people across northern Michigan know, Sleder’s is serving it and to also chat about the amazing history of Sleder’s Tavern.

Let me know! Thanks, Beth!

Randolph @Sleders on 19 Aug, 2019

We loved being on the show! Here’s Randolph’s blog post about it: Sleder’s on The Four.

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