A Most Legendary Restaurant (and Moose!)

February 10, 2018

In restaurant news on February 6, 2018, Full Service Restaurant (FSR) Magazine, named Sleder’s Family Tavern among “21 of the Most Legendary Restaurants in America.”  Sleder’s is extremely honored to be recognized.  We thank our patrons, especially, for continuously coming back, bringing their friends and families, and for making Sleder’s such a treasured and fun tradition in our community, around Michigan, and across the nation.  Follow the link to read about all 21 legendary restaurants. We are in good company! Find the piece on Sleder’s from FSR Flavor Columnist, Danny Klein copied below.    

21 of the Most Legendary Restaurants in America

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By Danny Klein | February 06, 2018 | Flavor
 Sleder's Family Tavern's famous moose, Randolph, which guests rub for good luck.

Traverse City, Michigan


OWNERS: Deb and Brian Cairns

CUISINE: Burgers, Mexican, Perch, and Smelt

SALES: $1.5 million


Sleder’s began in the heart of what was once known as Slabtown, a working class neighborhood in Traverse City, Michigan. It has remained a staple of the area’s culinary community since 1882. Its décor is as recognizable as its mahogany bar, which is the biggest in town and a well-trafficked hangout for Red Wings games and all things Michigan football. Numerous hunting trophies and stuffed animals decorate the walls at Sleder’s, and many patrons kiss a moose named Randolph for good luck. The “On the Porch” Concert Series has hosted renowned musical acts for over 20 years.

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