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July 2, 2018

Happy Cherry Festival 2018!

Welcome to Sleder’s Family Tavern.  We are located in Little Bohemia, the historic westside neighborhood locally referred to as “Slabtown” for its wood-slab homes that evoke Traverse City’s sawmill past.  Sleder’s original owner, Vencel Sleder, a master wheelwright, built Sleder’s with the help of fellow Bohemian woodworkers.  Working only on Sundays, their day off from the local sawmills, the men spent three years building the tavern, and 136 years later, folks still come to Sleder’s to relax after work or as Louie Sleder put it, “to eat, drink, and tell lies.”

Since 1926, Sleder’s has been a corporate member of the National Cherry Festival, although until 1931, we called it the Blessing of the Blossom Festival.  Now with the 2018 Cherry Fest in full swing, folks are calling and coming into Sleder’s with questions about the restaurant, so Randolph wanted to share some of those frequently asked questions with you here on his blog. 



1. Do you have air conditioning? 

We do indeed have AC!  We like to keep it cool in the tavern during the summertime.  

2. Do you have WiFi?

 Sleder’s is about as “on-ground” as it gets, so no wifi.  Funny thing though, we are a Pokémon gym. 

We do not have WiFi. Please talk to each other. Pretend it's 1995.


3. Do you accept credit cards?

Why, yes, we do accept credit cards.  (For the love of our servers, it’s only right to tell you that tips put on credit cards are immediately taxed, so your server will never see the whole tip.  Cash tips can therefore be kinder, unless, of course, you are able put more on the card than you could otherwise leave in cash.)  

Credit, Debit, and Cash Accepted

4. Do you take reservations?

 We do not take reservations.  We can push tables together in a jiffy.  If you have a large party and are concerned about seating, please give us a call at 231-947-9213.  We also cater parties of 25 people or more.

5. Do you have a gluten free menu?

Our menu includes gluten free options such as 100% beef and buffalo burgers (without the bun), NY Strips (served after 5pm), homemade chili and soups, and fresh salads.  When ordering, you can verify with your server if an item is gluten free, and if there is any question, we can confirm with the cooks.  Click here to see our full menu.

6. Can we bring our dog?

Pet dogs are not permitted inside the restaurant.  Registered service dogs are permitted inside the restaurant.  Sleder’s also has picnic tables next to the tavern where you could sit with your doggy.      

We guarantee fast service no matter how long it takes. Take Out, Parties, Dog Seating, Fun

Please note that “dog seating” is outside and not part of the server’s regular section, so this is an area to sit with Take Out. 🙂

7. Do the Sleder’s still own the restaurant?

The Sleders (first Vencel, then his daughter Polly, and then her son Louie) owned the restaurant until 1975.  The second family to own it was the Classens who sold it in 1992 to the Cairns who own it still today.  Read about the Sleder’s Family Tavern history here.  

8. Does kissing the moose really bring luck? 

Randolph brings good luck to all who kiss him and all who believe!  Like kissing the Blarney Stone or finding a penny, the luck is part of the Sleder’s historical lore.  But from proposals, casino jackpots, and home closings, to success on school exams and big wins in sports, we’ve heard many tales of luck and fortune from those who have smooched the moose.  

If you have a question for us, please ask.  Leave it in the comments, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or come into the restaurant and talk with our friendly staff.  Cheers!  


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