NOT just another burger or fish story!

Delicious, baked Lake Michigan Whitefish, deep fried Canadian Walleye, lightly dusted and fried Perch…heaps of golden fried shrimp…battered and deep fried Cod loin…

All this plus 100% -beef burgers, juicy rib-eyes,  bbq chicken and plenty of home-made sides to choose from is what SLEDER’S FAMILY TAVERN is all about!

Folks have been coming to Sleder’s for 130 years now to eat, drink, tell lies and kiss the moose for luck! We want to cordially invite all the Film Festival goers, the volunteers and others who make this event happen, out-of-towners, tourists, all of our regulars (and irregulars) to stop in and enjoy the great food and historical decor! And… PLEASE! DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT KISSING THE MOOSE FOR LUCK!                                                                                                                                     

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