Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 15, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day at Sleder’s, 1996. Pictured are owners Deb and Brian Cairns with their parents along with other family and friends around the table drinking green beer. 

Every St. Patrick’s Day, families and friends come together at Sleder’s to tell stories, eat a hearty Irish meal, drink what they please, and make happy memories.  For many this is the holiday to finally get together with that old friend and catch up over some Jameson Irish Whiskey.  For others, this is the day you get to see grandma drink a pint of Guinness stout or even some green beer!  Still others celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by passing down their favorite Irish-American traditions to their children.  Sleder’s is glad to be one of those traditions.

This St. Patrick’s Day, Sleder’s will be cooking up our classic Irish-American corned beef and cabbage boiled dinner.  We start serving at 11am, so enjoy it for lunch, or have it for dinner, and bring your parents and grandparents and children!  The kitchen is open until 10, and the bar stays open until 11 on Saturday.  Ask your server for a Frozen Fruity Leprechaun!   





























Please note that we have special hours on Friday, March 16: 11am-3pm (Private Party after 3pm).  We’ll then reopen at 11am on Saturday for St. Patrick’s Day! 


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