Cameron Blake Concert Poster for 7 pm May 20 at Sleder's Tavern in Traverse City

Spring Finale Show: Cameron Blake with Ethan Lucas and Max Brown

May 12, 2018

Sleder’s spectacular On the Porch Music Series is planning a very special concert for its final show of the 2018 season. Cameron Blake will be performing songs from his new album, Fear Not, a courageous and intimate collection of songs that takes you on a journey to places far and wide, within and without.  Reviewers praise the CD as “exquisitely poetic” (Huffington Post), “emotionally stirring” (American Songwriter), and “a moving album” (Paste).  The porch at Sleder’s will make the perfect listening room to experience Cameron’s musical storytelling and creativity.  Joining Cameron for this show will be Ethan Lucas on drums and Max Brown on guitar and bass.  

Fear Not draws from Blake’s experiences both musically and personally.  Originally a violinist, he received a Masters degree in performance from the Peabody Institute of Music in 2007.  After a near breakdown from the rigors of his Conservatory training, Blake found a new freedom of expression in songwriting and was inspired by the great 60’s folk troubadours.  He also found a home in the Baltimore arts scene making music that was reflective of the city’s quirky mix of Southern hospitality, “Hon” culture and the inescapable confrontation of systemic poverty.  He put his ear to the ground and honed his ability to tell a good story-once sleeping outside with the homeless, sitting next to John Waters in a dive bar, and belting away in a storefront church into the early hours of the morning.

After a move back to his native Michigan to start a family, his work reached new heights with the release of Alone On The World Stage (2015), an ambitious album featuring nothing more than voice, guitar and occasional piano.  The record made numerous “Best of the Year” lists and was featured in publications such as Folk Radio UKSongwriting MagazineClash, and Guitarist Magazine.  Most compelling was its subject matter: a heart-rending, poetic and poignant picture of the issues that face the world we live in today.“I had just released Alone On The World Stage and I didn’t have any idea where to go next.  My life was completely full.  I had so little time to write with two children and a full-time job.  I think I wrote most of these songs while standing at the sink doing the dishes.”

From its opening moments onwards, Fear Not is clearly an album filled with love. Made with love. The antidote to fear.  Visit the Cameron Blake website for details about this artist:  

Showtime is 7 pm on May 20th. Call 231-947-9213 for tickets or pick them up at Sleder’s, Oryana, or Brilliant Books in Traverse.

Invite your friends for what promises to be an enchanting spring evening at Michigan’s oldest restaurant.Cameron Blake Concert Poster for 7 pm May 20 at Sleder's Tavern in Traverse City

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