Fat Tuesday Feast

Special thanks for visiting our site! Please leave your comments-Sleder's staff is constantly looking for ways to improve our service. Thanks for your patronage!Today we shall act like true cajans with a FAT TUESDAY FEAST! NO Polish-American paczkis for me. Zesty fried pickles, hot wings doused in ranch, with a few jalapeno poppers for flavor! Clam chowder sounds great, and spicy Buffalo shrimp basket for lunch...mid-day, I will tackle the deep fried whitefish on kaiser and a little baked brie... i know thats not Cajun... but it's so good.. and dinner..geez so many choices! HELP ME DECIDE! Definitely the heaping pile of fried shrimp, home cut FRENCH fries and a gigantic order of moose-chips... wowww i'm getting dizzy just thinking about it..bring your moosemates and let's get this party going with HURRICANES for all!  
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