On the Porch Music Series

Our porch is an intimate, acoustic listening room for original singer-songwriters

Music on the Porch

Sleder’s Tavern has great pride in the “On The Porch” Concert Series (1992-2020). 

*See below or click here for some of the great musicians that have performed at the tavern.

Many, many thanks to CONNEMARA CONCERTS and WNMC 90.7 FM for bringing original music to us… and to our patrons!

Legal and Copyright Notice for Performers

Sleder’s is an original music venue. The On the Porch Concert Series is a monthly showcase featuring performers singing their work in a concert in a club atmosphere. Artists who perform at Sleder’s do not perform “covers”: material copyrighted by other artists. It is a commitment to allow artists to perform their music in a concert setting, and the series focuses on performers who write/sing/perform their own material. In keeping with this focus, all performers need to be aware that Sleder’s Family Tavern does not purchase music licensing from BMI/ASCAP//SESAC. Musicians can only play their own music (meaning, you wrote it, and you control the copyright) or their own renditions (you arranged it, and you control the copyright) or public domain material. Make sure all musicians playing with you know this. Thank you!


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