Keepin' Cool In Traverse City

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It's just a hop, skip and trot from Sleder's Family Tavern to the sandy beach-if you see a moose swimming, I am usually the first to arrive for my morning dip- the mornings are pure heaven here in Traverse City...on my way back, I'm already thinking about lunch...

Ice-cold beer served with a frosty mug and 100% all-beef burgers with a basket of moose chips!

What a Great Cherry Festival this year with fantastic entertainment!
Now then,,,Who's ready for a few great flicks? 

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2 thoughts on “Keepin' Cool In Traverse City

  1. That is not our policy and I have addressed this to all my managers, and staff.
    We do not treat locals any different than tourists, everyone is very important and we want everyone to have a great experience.
    Thank you

  2. I am a TC native, and a long time customer at Sleders....till now !! Eating with my father on July 9th, and found a hair in my food. The waiter was great about it, but the manager refused to do anything, or even talk to me personally. She probably thought I was in TC for the Cherry Fest, and I would never be here again. What a way to treat a customer !!!! And on the front page of this site it asks how to make the service advice would be to eat elsewhere !!

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