Sleder's "On The Porch" Winter Music 

Robin Lee Berry & These Good Souls 

Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 4 p.m. On the Porch  

Tickets: $20 in advance and $25 at the door

Outlets: Sleder's Tavern, Oryana Food Coop and Brilliant Books

For tickets/more info call: 947-9213

Sleder's Family Tavern is delighted to kick off the 2018 On the Porch Music Series with Michigan's own Robin Lee Berry and These Good Souls playing music from Robin's new cd, Weave Me a Parachute, a collection of 10 songs folding impacting moments into intentional redirection and adorned by a multi-faceted tapestry of Northern Michigan’s finest musically supportive talent breathing great winds into the luffing of worthy weariness.

These Good Souls combine the talents of Glenn Wolff, Dave Goodwin, Steve Carey, Chris Michels and Robin bringing new life to the original compositions of Glenn Wolff and Robin Lee Berry. Folky, jazzy, unpigeonholeable, energy, inspiration, dark and deep and yes, perhaps, even funny.

The last song on this release "Gone Wild" was composed as the theme song for Young Hemingway & His Enduring Eden, a new documentary film by George Colburn. This feature indi-docu film focuses on the first 22 summers of Ernest Hemingway's life, all spent in and around the family cottage on Walloon Lake in Northern Michigan and how that inspired his unique writing style. There have been and will be viewings of this film in the Northern Michigan area with Leland on the calendar Jan 21, 2018. 

Robin Lee Berry - both eclectic songwriter and accomplished guitar player, notably hard to pigeonhole, roots in folk and jazz, paying homage with passionate, contemplative focus on the energy of humanness to love and the evolution of thought.

“A voice like clear spring water gushing out from a deep place in the earth, It goes right to your heart." –Greg Brown.

What others have said about Robin Lee Berry:

"Robin Lee Berry reflects northern Michigan's feminine soul, blending themes of strength, courage, and vulnerability in her songs, all rendered with the spirit of awe and optimism." –Robert Downes, Northern Express

“Robin Lee Berry’s own composition ‘Something, Sometime’ absolutely shines in terms of pure beauty and originality. –

Steve Carey - Arranger, Trombone - Steve took up trumpet and choral singing in high school downstate, enjoying classical and jazz idioms. During college he performed with choirs, an opera company, and instrumental ensembles. Post college performing included playing trumpet in concert bands and jazz ensembles where he doubled on valve trombone. Steve moved with his family to Traverse City where he works as sail maker. Current musical projects include a rock/soul band affiliated with Pathfinders School; BoBossa, a jazz quartet; Irish morph music ensemble The Wild Sullies; and Manitou Brass, an organization that performs exactly once per year. He has produced several arrangements for JazzNorth and plays valve trombone in the group.

Dave Goodwin - Percussion - In high school Dave was the drummer for the State of Michigan Award Winning Northville High School Jazz Ensemble, the Detroit Metropolitan Area Directors Adult Jazz Ensemble, as well as percussionist for the wind ensemble. He studied marimba and timpani under Sal Rabio, Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Dave did studio work in Detroit and toured with professional acts in the U.S. and Canada. He moved to the Los Angeles area and studied with Dick Wilson, Drum Technique Guru, and Karen Ervin-Pershing, concert marimbist and composer. Dave is a teacher in the Traverse City public school system.

Glenn Wolff - Bass - Glenn Wolff has been performing and recording with Robin for many years on bass and slide guitar. He is a child of big band saxophonists, and a visual artist. He is also bassist in JazzNorth, was a member of the Neptune Quartet, and early on he played in Greenwich Village clubs with his art school friend, multiinstrumentalist and poet John Kruth.

Chris Michels - Electric Guitar/Bass - Inspired by early jazz and modern alternative bands, Chris grew up jamming with friends and later cultivated his smooth guitar tone in brew pubs and music festivals across the country. Chris is comfortable in anything from Bluegrass to Rock but is currently working with a JazzFunkband promoting his new record, Pretty/Funky.

Tickets on sale now at Sleders, Oryana, and Brilliant Books or call 947-9217 for more info. See you on the Porch!


"To avoid danger. . ." horoscope from

Berry, R. L. (2017) Weave Me a Parachute® [CD].  

Coming to Sleder's in February

Vance Gilbert

Monday, February 26, 2018 at 7 p.m. On the Porch  

Tickets: $20 in advance and $25 at the door

Outlets: Sleder's Tavern, Oryana Food Coop and Brilliant Books

For tickets/more info call: 947-9213



Coming to Sleder's in March

Bill Staines

Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 4 p.m. On the Porch  

Tickets: $20 in advance and $25 at the door

Outlets: Sleder's Tavern, Oryana Food Coop and Brilliant Books

For tickets/more info call: 947-9213


Legal and Copyright Notice for Musicians

On the Porch Concert Series is a monthly showcase featuring performers singing their original work in a concert in a club atmosphere.  It is a commitment to allow artists to perform their music in a concert setting, and the series focuses on performers who write/sing/perform their own material.  In keeping with that focus, all performers need to be aware that:

"Sleder's Family does not purchase music licensing from BMI/ASCAP//SESAC. Musicians can only play their own music (YOU wrote it, and YOU control the copyright) or their own renditions (YOU arranged it, and YOU control the copyright) of public domain material.  Make sure all musicians playing with you know this."



Over 20 Years of Music on the Porch!

Sleder's Tavern takes great pride in our "On The Porch" Concert Series. 

*See below or click here for some of the great musicians that have played at the tavern.

Many, many thanks to CONNEMARA CONCERTS for bringing the music to us... and to our patrons!

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