Sleder's Welcomes the TC Film Festival

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randolph taking a dip before his shiftTraverse City's Famous Film Festival starts this week! Plan on a home spun meal from the oldest restaurant in all of Michigan-before or after your film! Everyone loves our 100% all beef burgers, hand cut fries, ice cold refreshments and delicious appetizers! Make new memories in our two hundred year old restaurant.

Traverse City Originals...Sleder's Burgers!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that something you see every day is special, but it SLEDER'S FANTASTIC BURGERS! They are  100% ground beef and custom grilled right on our cast iron griddle to your liking - , topped with American cheese, lettuce and tomato, homemade chili...and MOOSE CHIPS!

Celebrate SUMMER!
717 Randolph in Traverse City


laidbackadSUMMER IS OFFICIALLY HERE! Spend some time with Randolph kicking back and enjoying Traverse City's favorite HISTORICAL HANG-OUT!

It is so refreshing to walk into Sleder's Family Tavern and know that the menu is "still delicious after all these years!"

Delicious 100% beef burgers, steaks and big bowls of fries and cole slaw, iced cold beer served in chilled mugs, MSU sports on... that comfortable feeling from the nostalgic decor... for over 100 years, good folks have been coming here to relax, have a good time, eat, smooch the moose for luck, and re-live history!  Sleder's is a family place- why not start a new tradition today in your familly? Bring everyone down to Sleder's! The oldest restaurant in all of Michigan!

David Smith in Concert, May 22

Join us for the last concert of the season!

Sunday, May 22, 2016, 7 pm

The contrast between Smith’s laid-back sound and style and the words he has written is fascinating.
--CD Reviews INDIE Blues/Rhetta

David [Smith] comes across with the same sort of weathered resolve that best exemplifies fellow travelers like Kris Kristofferson and Townes Van Zandt.
--Lee Zimmerman/No Depression