Celebrate the 4th at Sleder's-the oldest restaurant in Michigan!

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This Independence Day, bring your family, friends and relatives to kiss the lucky moose, and enjoy great food and drinks at the oldest restaurant in Michigan!

Our walls are filled with mighty animals and great moments in American history... it's almost like eating in a museum with friends!

Have one of our bartenders make your favorite fourth of July drink!  Watch fireworks, and enjoy relaxing and having fun at the longest bar in town, visiting with friends and celebrating our FREEDOM! Happy Birthday, America!

Sleder's Makes the "Best Burger" List

More than 10,000 voters from across the state weighed in on 101 things they love about Northern Michigan. Their votes determined that Sleder's has one of the BEST BURGERS in TRAVERSE CITY!

Get your copy of the June 2017 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine for the complete list of over 300 Red Hot Best winners!


Come Be Yourself! Unless you're not fun!

Ahhh...finally.. the beginning of the summer season at the funnest and oldest restaurant in all of Michigan! Come hang out with Randolph, one very lucky moose, at the 200-year-old, 21-foot mahogany bar. Eat all kinds of great appetizers, sandwiches, burritos, and tasty 1/2 lb. BUFFALO burgers! Iced cold beer, frosty mugs, and lots of Traverse City history to go!

Order up some of Randolph's gift certificates! Everyone will love our Traverse City Saloon!