Sleder's newest status... "Oldest Eatery" in state of MI!

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SensibleSleder's has always been known to locals as the place to eat, drink and tell lies!  But, thanks to all of our loyal local patrons, neighbors, family and visitors...  Traverse City's favorite hang-out for burgers, craft beers, homemade fries has just been named THE OLDEST EATERY IN MICHIGAN! Open since 1882, and still serving! Congratulations Sleder's...and our favorite lucky moose...Randolph!
Oldest eating and drinking establishments-listed by State

Sleder’s Family Tavern
Traverse City, MI (Est. 1882)
Oh poor White Horse, that two-year hiatus you took from 2012 until January 2014 had you just missing your claim to the throne. But since White Horse closed, the mantle has been taken by Sleder’s, a Traverse City tavern built over three years in the 1880s by locals on their day off from wood planks from nearby pulp mills. They stayed open during prohibition by serving bourbon and rye in teacups at no charge, and have a moose head on the wall that patrons are known to kiss for luck.

Chuck Brodsky In Concert Sunday

brodsky.png"...Brodsky's ever burgeoning catalogue of songs (1991 - to date) has been a pleasingly wonderful
reviewing experience, whether it involved shedding a tear (there have been a few), releasing a deep belly laugh (same there), or learning a lesson (there have been many)...this guy skillfully pens knockout songs with frightening regularity...Chuck's message is simple, honest, and truly true, and his observations deserve your undivided attention...Listen to him today, tomorrow, and every day after'll come away 'rich from the journey.' " 
Arthur Wood (FolkWax)

Dave Hardin Live This Sunday at Sleder's

SUNDAY, October 26, 2014
Showtime: 7 pm

Growing up between the Ohio River Basin of Warsaw, Kentucky and the Appalachian Foothills of Union, Ohio taught Dave about both the hardships and triumphs of life. That area is also where he learned about all the diverse musical styles that still come through in his own music today. Hill music, country, bluegrass, twang, flat-top pickin’ and the real roots of American music, now called Americana Music, surrounded him in his early days. Growing up in the age of great rock roll that blasted from the radio filled out his music tastes and style.

Gerry O'Beirne, October Concert

O'BeirnePromoMark your calendars for an evening of Celtic music, great food and drinks at Sleder's Porch, on Wednesday, October 15th. Gerry's guitar playing is always a thing of wonder, and his lyrics have become increasing poetic and emotionally deep! Come early for dinner, relax and enjoy this performance that starts at 7 pm. Tickets on sale now!