Bloomquist's Concert this Sunday at Sleder's

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ruthandmaxDon't miss Ruth and Max Bloomquist this Sunday evening at 4 pm. The Bloomquist's have been making music together since they met in 1975 and discovered their shared love not only for each other, but for music and songs made with acoustic instruments and featuring lyrics from the heart. Ruth and Max immersed themselves in folk, bluegrass, country, singer songwriters, and other acoustic music to create a sound and style all their own.

Dinner, drinks and some authentic mountain music, bluegrass and traditional country. Of course, Randolph will be hanging around for his usual lucky kisses! Delicious entrees, 100% beef burgers and home-cut fries-even the kids will be happy! See you there!

Peter Bergin on Piano at Sleder's

peterbergin Peter Bergin is a pianist and vocalist whose refined singing and energetic ragtime has entertained audiences for over 25 years.

More than just entertainment, Peter enriches and educates with a broad range of music and heart-warming stories. From ragtime piano to modern folk music, enjoy a sweet, fun-filled, Sunday afternoon sing-a-long in the oldest restaurant in all of Michigan!

Make plans now for a lovely afternoon with Mr. Bergin, Sunday, October 25th, at 4 pm. Tickets available now at Sleder's, Oryana's Food Cooperative and Brilliant Books.

RUNA Tonight at Sleder's- Celtic Celebration

Irish music and culture in America has always
been a two-way street, moving music and
musicians back and forth across the watery
main. Philadelphia’s Irish-American roots
band, RUNA, embodies this movement with
their new album, Current Affairs, drawing
equal inspiration from both the deep and
ancient roots of the Celtic tradition and
the modern reality of the Irish in America.
On Current Affairs, RUNA, draw from their
own family history, the stories of the Irish in
America, old songs from the Old World, and
Americana and bluegrass influences. With
members hailing from three countries (USA, Canada, Ireland), it makes sense that they’d
spread their nets as far as possible to pull in these very different influences, but what’s
surprising is how well the album meshes together. That’s a testament to the vision of
RUNA and to the ties that bind.