Sleder's on the Beer Week Tour!

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Traverse City Beer Week 2017—Sleder’s on the MyNorth Beer Week Tour

For the 2017 Traverse City Beer Week Tour, Sleder’s is offering a menu of samples. Traverse City Beer Week Tourgoers can choose from the menu which three samples they’d like to try. Plan your tour to take advantage of Sleder’s meet and greet with brewery reps. From 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., representatives from key breweries will be sharing the history of their brewery, food pairings for their entire lines and intel on their full portfolio of beers!

Plus they’ll bring merchandise for giveaways, so come early for the best swag. Here’s the Sleder’s Meet & Greet schedule:

  • Friday, Nov. 10th: Stormcloud Brewing
  • Monday, Nov. 13th: Samuel Adams Brewery
  • Tuesday, Nov. 14th Atwater Brewing
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15th Right Brain Brewing
  • Thursday, Nov. 16th, Moosehead Brewing
  • Friday, Nov. 17th, Short’s Brewing Co.

To go with those great beers at Sleder’s, enjoy delicious fish, finger-lickin’ BBQ ribs or a juicy burger. Taps include Atwater Brewing, Right Brain Brewery, Short’s Brewing Co., Frankfort’s Stormcloud Brewing and Canadian Moosehead from St. John, New Brunswick, celebrating its 150th anniversary.

And don’t forget to kiss Randolph the Moose for luck!

Sleder's Sunday Afternoon Entertainment

Mark & Raianne
Sunday, Oct 15, 4 pm, On The Porch

Nick Noble, WICN: “Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards are clearly inheritors of a timeless legacy, creating music that is both original and evocative of a rich tradition. Blending distinctive voices and a wide range of accompaniment…”

Fred Knittel, WXPN: “The best part of their performance is the undeniable chemistry Mark and Raianne have together.”

The Fitzgeralds
Sunday, Oct 29, 2 pm, On The Porch

Meet the Fitzgeralds --- a family group consisting of fiddling and step dancing sensations - Tom, Kerry Julie Fitzgerald (the youngest members of Everything Fitz). These siblings, from Canada’s renowned Ottawa Valley, have come a long way from their small town roots. Featuring three time Canadian Grand-master Fiddle Champions and Ontario Open Step Dance Champions, this unique act features high-energy fiddling
and mind-blowing step dancing. It is the rare combination of
exceptional musicianship, incomparable step dancing, audience
interaction, evident love of performing, and genuine sibling
connection that resonates with audiences of all ages and sets this
group apart.