About Randolph Themoose

Born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. Sleder's Culinary Genius. Lucky to Kiss. Avid snowboarder and football fanatic. GO MICHIGAN Favorite Team: RED WINGS

Summer Fun Just Keeps Coming In Traverse City

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equestrianBuckley Old Engine Show, Pavilions' Concerts on the Lawn, Friday Nite Live... and our favorite...Equestrian Festival! All happening today, and on into the weekend folks! Randolph will be hanging out in Williamsburg ALL WEEKEND, since he LOVES the horses!

All this summer fun sure makes you hungry and thirsty! After the days' adventure, make it mandatory to visit Sleder's for 100% all beef burgers, iced cold beer and mounds of Randolph's famous Moose Chips! There's plenty to go around-or take a look at our menu online for more choices! We ARE the oldest restaurant in all of Michigan-you know it is going to be good and tasty!



laidbackadSUMMER IS OFFICIALLY HERE! Spend some time with Randolph kicking back and enjoying Traverse City's favorite HISTORICAL HANG-OUT!

It is so refreshing to walk into Sleder's Family Tavern and know that the menu is "still delicious after all these years!"

Delicious 100% beef burgers, steaks and big bowls of fries and cole slaw, iced cold beer served in chilled mugs, MSU sports on... that comfortable feeling from the nostalgic decor... for over 100 years, good folks have been coming here to relax, have a good time, eat, smooch the moose for luck, and re-live history!  Sleder's is a family place- why not start a new tradition today in your familly? Bring everyone down to Sleder's! The oldest restaurant in all of Michigan!