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Born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. Sleder's Culinary Genius. Lucky to Kiss. Avid snowboarder and football fanatic. GO MICHIGAN Favorite Team: RED WINGS

Get Ready for...Sleder's "March Music Madness"

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 Be a part of Sleder's own version of March Madness with a musical twist! EVERY SUNDAY in March will bring truly gifted performers in concert ON THE PORCH! 

Sunday, March 5th    Driftwood,
Sunday, March 12th The Waydown Wanderers 
Sunday, March 19th The Outside Track
Sunday, March 26th  Bill Staines

Call the restaurant for more information, and tickets.
More band information on concert tab.

A Valentine's Date To Remember!

Bring your valentine to kiss the lucky moose and make ALL their dreams come true at the oldest restaurant and tavern in Michigan! 

Randolph The Moose would like to personally invite all those who believe in TRUE LOVE... and LUCKY MOOSE KISSES... to spend Valentine's Day with all of us, your northern Michigan friends at SLEDER'S FAMILY TAVERN!

Sleder's Chosen For "Places To Eat 2017"

Congratulations to our favorite Traverse City restaurant! Chosen for:

The 14 Places You Should Eat In Michigan In 2017

We are all excited to be number nine on the list, and thankful to our great staff and loyal customers who never let us down! Bring your friends and family in today for one of our 100% all beef burgers and Randolph's favorite MOOSE CHIPS!

Happy Winter To All!

Randolph's New Year's Resolution

snowmooseHappy 2017! Starting my New Year's eve off right tonight with some of my moose mates here at SLEDER'S, the oldest tavern in Michigan.

Bring your best buddies and bff's and join us at the longest mahogany bar in town for a toast to the New Year!

Number one resolution - watch more of our great Michigan sports with my moose mates and munch on more juicy, 100% beef  Sleder's burgers, topped just the way I like it and a giant pile of moosechips... and my favorite part - a couple of iced cold beers!

All of us at Sleder's are so proud to be Northern Michiganders and living in the city with the friendliest, kindest, FUNNEST people in the USA! Thanks Traverse City for a great 2016, and looking forward to sharing more great times and making memories in 2017!  CHEERS!

Randolph Themoose