About Randolph Themoose

Born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. Sleder's Culinary Genius. Lucky to Kiss. Avid snowboarder and football fanatic. GO MICHIGAN Favorite Team: RED WINGS

Film Festival Time!

Special thanks for visiting our site! Please leave your comments-Sleder's staff is constantly looking for ways to improve our service. Thanks for your patronage!free-birds-movieReady for some great flicks? Traverse City's Film Festival is here-another great reason to LOVE TRAVERSE CITY! Meet your friends right here at SLEDER'S for a SLEDER'S CREAM ALE and appetizers at our original 21 foot mahogany bar, or bring the whole gang in after the show for a late-night dinner! Our special recipe fall-off-the-bone Ribs are to die for..fish, shrimp, 100% all beef burgers, and you can't go wrong with Randolph's MOOSE CHIPS! CALL IN YOUR TAKE OUT ORDER..and we will have our great food ready when you are! Need a private room for a group? We have a few of those too-call us for WINGS TO GO!

Spend July 4th With Randolph!

imagesJuly 4th marks the 238th anniversary of the U.S., and  we plan to spend it SLEDER-STYLE...big, giant 100% beef hamburgers, ice cold beer, downtown parade and fireworks! Bring your gang into Sleder's to celebrate with a Sleder's Cream Ale, baskets of home-cut, all-American fries and a glimpse of our history!

Traverse City Originals...Sleder's Burgers!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that something you see every day is special, but it really is...like SLEDER'S FANTASTIC BURGERS! They are made from Oleson's freshest 100% ground beef and custom grilled right on our cast iron griddle to your liking - , topped with American cheese, lettuce and tomato, homemade chili...mmmmmmmm.... So take a trip to 717 Randolph in Traverse City tonight and remind yourself that Sleder’s Burgers are truly Traverse City originals!