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drumstickThis holiday weekend, bring the family to Sleder's for some great burgers, giant baskets of home cut fries... sizzling steaks and shrimp! After shopping, coloring, hiding and hunting eggs...baskets... and eating jellybeans and fluffy peeps...there's not a better tasting cold beer in town, then the one Randolph will be sipping on (watching live action sports) when you get here! And there's plenty more where that came from! Give one of our own, Sleder's Cream Ale a try!

Sleder's Tavern...get your Easter on and bring the kids, neighbors, friends, relatives, sisters, brothers..grandma and grandpa too!

Driftwood..awesome band to play next Sunday!

hi-res-edriftwood-rebel-bw-026Sunday, April 6th, 2014, 4:00 pm
From the Binghamton, New York music scene comes Driftwood, a band with a rock n’ roll soul and a folk art mind. Carving out a name for themselves with electrifying live performances, they bring one of the most unique, raw sounds to the Americana/roots music scene. Incorporating upright bass, banjo, acoustic guitar and violin, the ghost of traditional American folk music lives in their palette. But the melodies, the harmonies and the lyrics are something else entirely. “We started off playing rock in high school. Then studying jazz and classical music in college. Then we dove headfirst into folk and bluegrass. At some point I guess we kind of met in the middle”, says guitarist/songwriter Dan Forsyth. Drawing on aspects of everything from 0ld-time recordings to 1960’s R&B, the music is crafted to serve the songs. With fast-growing audiences singing along at live shows, it’s easy to tell the primary focus is on song. “We recognized early on that one of our strongest points was songwriting. The greatest songs transcend genre and time and this was one of the motivating ideas behind the band at the start”, says banjo player/songwriter Joe Kollar. Trading lead vocals between Forsyth, Kollar and violinist Claire Byrne, the group’s stage dynamics are as captivating as the songs. “I give so much of myself when I play because I deem it necessary in order to do the music justice”, says Byrne, whose violin-shredding performances galvanize fans. Songs or shredding, “There’s a reason people won’t let them off the stage”, says Jess Novak from The Syracuse New Times.