Game Night at Sleder's! GO WINGS!

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plump-wingsGAME NIGHT AT SLEDER'S...
and that only makes our mouth watering, plump, succulent wings a given with our iced cold beer on tap! Bring your moosemates and watch all the action with Randolph! Or get your take out orders in early for wings, moosechips, home cut fries, rings, burgers...GO WINGS!

2/28 SJ 10:30 ET
3/3 vs. Chi 12:30 ET
3/5 vs. Col 7:30 ET
3/7 vs. Edm 7:30 ET
3/9 Cls 2:00 ET

Kimberly Ciesla, our number 1000 Fan!

2013_koc_merry_kiss-moose_hallmark_ornamentSending mighty moose smooches full of unprecedented LUCK to our newest, and most famous fan, KIMBERLY CIESLA. She is our 1,000 fan, and nothing means more to us, than our supporters and fans.

Looking forward to sharing the best Valentines Day Ever! with all of you this year.... bring your favorite valentine into our cozy warm, local tavern-restaurant and celebrate the occasion with great food, special drinks...and a lucky kiss from Randolph!